Tilta Hermit POV Support System V-mount (TA-HR-V) – Diverse maten

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De Tilta Hermit POV helm is de enige professionele POV helm op de markt. De Hermit maakt het mogelijk POV opnames te makenmet professionele camera’s.

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Tilta Hermit POV Support System V-Mount (TA-HR-V)

The Tilta Hermit POV Support System helmet is a very professional POV helmet. The Hermit makes it possible to make POV recordings with professional cameras.

This Hermit has various mounting options. In addition to a camera, also mount one or two V-Mount batteries. Video transmitters, microphones and other accessories can also be placed on the helmet. The batteries also serve as a counterweight for the camera so that the helmet is more balanced on the head. The camera can be positioned in different positions.

Note: When using heavier cameras, we recommend additional neck support. We will come up with examples soon.

Camera positions and balance

hermit camera balancingThe camera is mounted on the front, top or side. On the other side (except the top) there are options to balance the helmet to make wearing the Hermit as light as possible.

The camera and V-mount battery can be positioned in such a way that an ideal balance is created when using the front. Counterweights are available to fine-tune the balance. Counterweights are available for the side.


The POV helmet is available in 4 different sizes. See the table for the correct size. Is your size not included? Let a colleague do the work 😉














If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us or send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook .

Extra informatie




S (54-56cm), M (56-58cm), L (58-60cm), XL(60-62cm), XXL (62-64cm), XXXL (64-66cm)

In de doos

1:Rosette Side Mounting Plate for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-SMP)*1
2:Dual Rosette Mounting Plate for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-DMP) *1
3:Dual Rosette Adjustable Mounting Plate for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-AMP) *1
1:Quick Release Plate Receiver for Adjustable Mounting Plate(TA-HR-QRPR)*1
2:Quick Release Plate for Adjustable Mounting Plate(TA-HR-QRP)*1
3:Silicone Protection Pad(5.01.RHR-T01-006.00)*2 are included
4:15mm Rod Adapter for Rosette Mounting Plate(with 15*100 mm Aluminum rod) (TA-HR-RA)*1
5:250G Counterweight(TA-HR-CW-250)*2
6:500G Counterweight(TA-HR-CW-500)*2
7:1000G Counterweight(TA-HR-CW-1000)*1
8:Left Side Rosette Mounting Arm for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-LMR)*1
9:Right Side Rosette Mounting Arm for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-RMR)*1
10:Rosette Extender Arm for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-REA)*2
11:Screw Kit for Hermit POV Support System(TA-HR-SK)*1
12:Multi-head Screwdriver-Red(4.04.199-000000-068.00)*1
13:Aluminum Plate Label for Multi-head Screwdriver (4.01.199-000000-069.00)*1
14:Allen Key(4.04.199-000000-159.00)*1
15:Hermit POV Support System Carrying Case(TA-HR-CC)*1
16:Foam Padding for Hermit POV Support System – M (TA-HR-HFP-M)*1
17:V Mount Battery Plate for Hermit POV Support System *1


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