Tiltaing Smart V Mount Battery Plate – Black

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Tiltaing Smart V Mount Battery Plate – Black (TA-BTP3-V-B)

Tiltaing Smart V Mount Battery Plate includes 2 14.8V P-Tap Ports, 1 5V USB-C Port, and 1 60W USB-C PD Port. This allows the battery plate to adjust the voltage needed depending on the accessory that the battery is connected to.

Powering your camera’s and accessories is much easier thanks to this product. The Battery Plate ensures your device is relieving the correct voltage, freeing up the need for regulated power cables.

Included with this is a Universal Battery Plate adapter. This allows you to mount the battery plate to 15mm LWS Rods at a number of angles.

Included is a USB-C cable, along with a USB-C clamp to secure the cable to the battery plate. This creates a more stable connection, and prevents accidental disconnection.

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