Tilta USB-C Run/Stop Cable for Fujifilm X Series (RS-USBC-FJX)

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Tilta USB-C Run/Stop Cable for Fujifilm X Series (RS-USBC-FJX)

Experience enhanced control over your camera with the Tilta USB-C Run/Stop Cable for Fujifilm X Series Cameras. This cable provides Run Stop capabilities for compatible camera systems, enabling remote recording control when paired with the Tilta Advanced Side Handle. Just connect the cable from the Advanced Side Handle to your camera’s Run Stop port. Now, you can conveniently manage record start/stop with a simple push of a button, streamlining your filming process.

Effortlessly control recording with the Start/Stop function using the Record Button on the Advanced Side Handles and Nucleus Nano II. This versatile accessory is compatible with a variety of systems, including 3 Pin Fischer, BMPCC, RED Komodo, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and more. Offering universal options like LANC and USB-C, it accommodates a diverse range of cameras. Specifically crafted for a seamless fit with the Nucleus Nano II and Advanced Side Handles, it combines lightweight design with durable copper and steel construction for reliable performance.

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