Tilta USB-C Run/Stop Cable for Canon DSLR

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Tilta USB-C Run/Stop Cable for Canon DSLR

Unlock remote recording control with the Tilta USB-C Run/Stop Cable for Canon DSLR, compatible with supported camera systems. Easily connect the cable from the Advanced Side Handle to your camera’s Run/Stop port, enabling one-button control for record start/stop.

Effortlessly control recording with the Record Button on the Advanced Side Handles and Nucleus Nano II. This versatile accessory is compatible with various systems, including 3 Pin Fischer, BMPCC, RED Komodo, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and more. Its universal support extends to options like LANC and USB-C, accommodating a range of cameras. Specifically designed for seamless integration with Nucleus Nano II and Advanced Side Handles, it boasts a lightweight yet durable construction, crafted from copper and steel for reliable performance.

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