Tilta Mirage Matte Box met VND en motor (MB-T16-B)

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The Tilta MB-T16 Kit B is the most extensive Clamp-on Matte Box kit available and comes standard with a variable 95mm ø ND filter with wireless motor control.

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Tilta Mirage matte box (MB-T16-B)

The Tilta MB-T16 Mirage Matte Box Kit B is the most comprehensive Clamp-on Matte Box kit available. The Variable 95mm ø ND filter with wireless motor control is standard.

The MB-T16 series is for videographers who use DSLR and system cameras. This matte box can be quickly installed and removed. The MB-T16 has a 95mm ø filter tray and also offers space at the front for a 4×5.65 filter.


Parts of the MB-T16-B


Mounting the Mirage Matte Box

The Matte Box clamps onto a lens ring (Lens Attachment). The lens ring fits into the filter thread of the lens. The Mirage set contains the four most commonly used filter sizes. Other sizes are optionally available.

Any filters can be turned on the outside of the filter ring. Four sizes of lens rings are supplied as standard and a further five sizes are optionally available.

The Mirage can also be mounted on 15mm rods if available.


Mirage is a modular matte box system. It consists of a small clamp-on matte box (like the MB-T15) but with more options. depending on the accessories or kit chosen. The most eye-catching option is the 95 mm ø Variable Neutral Density (VND) filter which fits in the round tray slot of the matte box.

The 95mm ø VND has a thumbwheel that can be operated manually but also with the help of a motor and a wireless controller.

For the Mirage Matte boxes, Vaxis has developed a series of 95 mm ø filters that can be placed in the matte bax using a 95 mm ø tray.

The VND filter can also be placed directly on a lens using an adapter ring.


If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us or send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook .

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1:Tilta Mirage Matte Box(MB-T16)*1
2:95mm Variable ND Filter Tray for Tilta Mirage(MB-T16-VND)*1
3:15mm LWS Support for Tilta Mirage(MB-T16-LS)*1
4:Wireless Controller for Tilta Mirage(MB-TM-WC)*1
5:14500 Power Supply for Tilta Mirage Motor(MB-TM-PS)*1
6:Wireless Motor for Tilta Mirage(MB-TM-WM)*1
7:14500 Battery Charger Set(BCS-14500-K2)*1
8:Advanced Soft Carrying Case for Tilta Mirage(MB-T16-SCC-A)*1


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