Tilta Lightweight Gimbal Support Vest

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Tilta Lightweight Gimbal Support Vest

The Tilta Lightweight Support Vest is specifically built for supporting smaller handheld gimbals for longer periods of time.

The Vest features an adjustable height adapter that lets you mount the DJI RS2, RSC2, RS3, and RS3 Pro. This is done through the bottom of the battery handle or the extended grip tripod.

The Dual Handle Brackets pair perfectly with the vest, which can connect your to gimbal and and support straps to combine the handles with the vest.

By doing this you create multiple points of contact, allowing for more comfort and steadiness. Additionally this allows you to use the gimbal hands free, with some precaution.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact us. Or drop us a DM on Instagram or Facebook.


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