Tilta Illusion 95mm Full Spectrum ND Filter Kit II (1.5-2.4)

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Tilta Illusion 95mm Full Spectrum ND Filter Kit II (1.5-2.4)

Introducing the latest innovation in 95mm filters tailored for the Mirage Matte Box – TILTA ILLUSION. Crafted in-house, the Illusion Filters constitute a bespoke collection finely tuned for the Circular 95mm Standard of the Mirage Matte Box. Offering a range of Neutral Density levels, these filters grant users enhanced authority over exposure adjustments. This versatility permits light reduction, enabling aperture expansion for shooting under intense lighting conditions such as daylight. Employing Full Spectrum ND Filters ensures uniform reduction across all light wavelengths, encompassing visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared, for comprehensive control over light transmission.

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