Tilta Hydra Mini Arm Pro Kit – V Mount

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Tilta Hydra Mini Arm Pro Kit – V Mount

The Tilta Hydra Mini Pro Kit – V Mount is the latest cinema camera crane. It is lightweight, portable and user-friendly for filming vehicles from different angles and perspectives.

The new Tilta Hydra Mini Pro is compatible with various gimbals and cameras. Such as RS 3 PRO, RS 2, Ronin 4D, Ronin MX, and Freefly Movie Pro.

The lightweight, counterweight-free design ensures that the system is quicker to install and safer to use. Thus, allowing users to concentrate on only one end of the arm at any given time.

The Pro Kit’s suction cups, speed rail, and ratchet straps make it simple to mount the system to the majority of vehicles that can handle the arm’s 176 lb weight without a gimbal or camera.
Tilta Hydra Mini Arm Pro Kit – V Mount

Technical features:

When operating on uneven terrain, the Shock Absorbing Arm stabilises the gimbal and can be adjusted for different payloads.

Individual adjustments can be made for both the horizontal and vertical axes of the arm’s Shock Absorbing Head.

Furthermore, a wired connection between the supplied controller and the arm guarantees dependable communication.

The Operator can access a variety of parameters for the tilt and pan axes via the Controller.  Including speed, damping, and range of motion restrictions for each axis separately.

The operator can choose from a variety of configurations using custom user settings. In this way, they can work in the way that seems most appropriate to them.

Pro Mode is an enhanced control option that enables users to simultaneously control an RS2/RS3 Pro Gimbal and a Hydra Arm Mini using the controller. Please be aware that this is not advised in the majority of shooting circumstances and should only be used under careful supervision.

In ideal circumstances, the system is capable of speeds of up to 74 mph (120 km/h). Although we advise limiting speeds to 37 mph (60 km/h), especially when utilising heavier cameras or lighter gimbals.

Indeed, weather conditions, gimbal strength, and camera weight are the main variables that will affect operation speeds.

Users can power their gimbal using the provided P-Tap to 2 Pin Power Cable. Or, if necessary, a separate cable, thanks to the system’s V-Mount Battery Plate, which is installed on the end of the arm.

Other gimbals may also be utilised as long as they can be powered by V-Mount batteries, installed using 1/4′′-20 threads, and keep within the 22lb weight restriction.

In de doos

1:Pan Axis Module *1
2:50mm Speed Rail*2
3:Suction Cup Support Bracket*4
4:Monitor Support Bracket for The Front Passenger Seat*1
5:Suction Cup*2
6:Articulating Arm*2
7:Monitor Support Bracket for The Rear Passenger Seat*2
8:Tilt Axis Module*1
9:Cable Support Rod*2
10:Crane Arm Piece I*2
11:Crane Arm Piece II*1
12:Shock Absorbing Arm*1
13:Remote Control*1
14:Battery Plate for Hydra Arm Mini -V Mount*1
15:Power Supply Base Plate for DJI Ronin*1
16:220V Power Cable*1
17:Communication Cable*1
18:Support Cable*2
19:2-Pin to P-tap Power Cable*1
20:Ratchet Strap*2
21:Tool Set*1
22:   Cable Support Bar*4


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