Tilta Basic Ring Grip Plus Control Kit for DJI Ronin (TGA-PRG2)

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Compatible with RS 2 Pro / RS 3 Pro

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Tilta Basic Ring Grip Plus for DJI Ronin Control Kit

The Basic Ring Grip Plus Control Kit version is now also available. The difference with the Tilta Basic Ring Plus is that it also contains the Tilta remote control and the wireless receiver .

The Tilta Basic Ring Plus is a new product that, while similar to the Basic Ring and the Basic Ring Advanced, has some valuable differences.

It is still compatible with the DJI Ronin RS2 Pro and the RS3 Pro Gimbals, because the contact points are on the side of the Ronin. It also supports all accessories from the previous version, such as the remote control and the Dual Channel Handles.

However, the new Tilta Basic Ring Plus ensures better weight distribution on the arms. This improves the stability of the product, thanks to a wider grip and the use of more contact points via the two included mechanical handles.

The contact points are the same between the two versions, so you can use the V-Mount Battery to charge the gimbal and its accessories.

The Basic Ring Plus also makes it possible to convert the Battery handle into a Top Handle, just like the older version, to easily switch to low-angle photos.

In addition, the gimbal ring allows you to connect other devices such as a monitor, an external power source, a wireless video transmitter, etc.

So it is a smaller and lighter version. With an ergonomic and durable design, partly due to the compact and cable-free structure.

Tilta Basic Ring Grip Plus Content Kit

Specific feature:

Dimensions: 515.2mm x 572.5mm x 135.2mm

Weight: 1.31kg

Materials: Magnesium-aluminum alloy, stainless steel

Color black

Packing list:
1: Basic Ring Grip Plus Part I (TGA-PRG-UP)*1)
2: Basic Ring Grip Plus Part II (TGA-PRG-DOWN) *1
3: Side Handles for Basic Ring Grip Plus (TGA- PRG -LR) *1
4: Wireless Receiver for RS 2 (TGA-WCR) *1
5: DJI Ronin Remote for Basic Ring Grip Plus (TGA-PRG-RCH) *1

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