SLR Magic 77mm 0.4-1.8 Variable ND Filter

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SLR Magic 77mm 0.4-1.8 Variable ND Filter

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SLR Magic 77mm 0.4-1.8 Variable ND Filter

The SLR Magic 77mm 0.4-1.8 Variable ND Filter is a solid variable neutral density filter. This filter is designed to mount onto lenses that have frost filter threads. Additionally it provides exposure reduction of 1.3 to 6 stops. The 0.4 to 1.8 density darkens the entire image, which allows you to photograph with a slower shutter speed with or a wider aperture than normal.

By rotating the front filter ring you can easily control the degree of density. This helps you predetermine the additional exposure length required. Slowing exposure time or increasing aperture allows you to control depth of field and convey movement much easier.

The front ring is visually demarcated with numbers that represent different density values. It additionally includes a rotation lever that further enables fast and precise positioning of the front ring. The filter’s rear ring can then be turned to lock the front ring into place one the front ring is rotated into the desired position of desired density.

This filter is made from optical glass for clarity and color fidelity. It’s multi-coated in order to prevent reflections and internal ghosting.

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