HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro

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HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro

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HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro

For extreme power, the HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro has all the features of the HD models, combined with incredible processing for working in Ultra HD. This model’s SDI has been upgraded to full 12G-SDI with a loop 12G-SDI output. The two SDI outputs are both 12G-SDI so you can play ProRes 4444 files for true Ultra HD fill and key out. The HDMI connections and the ProRes and DNx file formats all switch between SD, HD and Ultra HD television standards. Like the other models, H.264 is included for SD and HD, but then switches to H.265 when recording in Ultra HD. Even the networking has been upgraded to 10G Ethernet for incredible speed! You also get 2 redundant AC power supplies!

SDI Video Inputs 1

SDI Video Outputs 2

SDI Monitor Outputs 1

SDI Rates 270Mb, 1.5G, 3G, 6G, 12G.

HDMI 2.0 Video Inputs 1

HDMI 2.0 Video Outputs 1

Built in Speaker Mono

Audio Output 1 x 6.35 mm headphone jack.

Screen 2.2 inch LCD.

Timecode Connections 1 x XLR In, 1 x XLR Out.

Reference Connections 1 x BNC In, 1 x BNC Out. Tri-Sync or Black Burst.

SDI Audio Inputs 16 channels embedded audio.

SDI Audio Outputs 16 channels embedded audio.

HDMI Audio Inputs 8 channels embedded audio.

HDMI Audio Outputs 8 channels embedded audio.

Remote Control 1 x RS-422 In, 1 x RS-422 Out.

Recorder Configuration Via user interface or Blackmagic HyperDeck Ethernet Protocol.

Ethernet 10Gb/s

Computer Interface 1 x USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gb/s) for external drive recording, webcam out, software configuration and updates.


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