DZOFilm Vespid Prime FF 100mm T2.1 PL/EF mount

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DZOFilm Vespid Prime FF 100mm T2.1 PL/EF mount

Discover the DZOFilm Vespid Prime FF 100mm lens – a lightweight gem designed for high-quality independent filmmaking. Boasting an 80mm front diameter, it seamlessly pairs with cine-style matte boxes for versatile shooting, including gimbals, drones, and run-and-gun setups.

Equipped with an interchangeable PL mount and a convenient PL to Canon EF mount adapter, this fully manual lens effortlessly adapts to various cine cameras. The 100mm fixed focal length, combined with a 46.5mm image circle, ensures full-frame sensor coverage without vignetting.

Distinguished by a 16-blade aperture, the Vespid Prime lens range creates captivating bokeh with round, natural out-of-focus highlights. Precision in focus is guaranteed with a 270-degree rotation on the focus ring and an 83-degree rotation on the aperture ring, both featuring cine-style gear rings for accessory compatibility.

Practical features include a magnetically attached rear filter for optional ND filters and a 77mm front filter thread for direct filter attachment. Coated optics maintain optimal image quality, controlling flares and specular highlights.

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