Cerevo FlexTally Set

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De Cerevo FlexTally bevat 1 basisstation + 4 tally lampen + tas + Accessoires (Lamp Nummers).

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FlexTally is a wireless tally lamp system designed for easy operability and is available at a price range that means even small studios or streaming sites can look to add it to their multi-camera set-ups. FlexTally can be used via either wireless or wired connections for added convenience and its built-in battery allows for portability and use in remote shooting locations.

FlexTally is compatible with over 40 video switchers from the major brands. In Q4, Wirecast will be added to this list.

New improvements

Improvement 1 – FlexTally’s Lamp Units
To increase durability, Cerevo has developed better lamp unit buttons and LEDs (no electrical changes). A FlexTally Set comes with 4 lamps. Additional lamps can be ordered separately.

Improvement 2 – New FlexTally Packaging

The new packaging will allow your clients to more easily carry FlexTally. FlexTally is now supplied with a durable equipment bag, enabling more secure storage for FlexTally and accessories. The bag can also be purchased as a separate product.

Improvement 3 – FlexTally Number Cover for Lamp Units

An improved number cover set for FlexTally Lamp Units will replace the current number covers. The improved number covers attach and fit more securely on the lamp units. The improved number cover set comes with the new FlexTally set. It also appears as a separate product in the price list.

The set contains FlexTally Number Covers No 1 to No 4 and No 5 to No 8 (total 8 covers). Additionally the set comes with 8 FlexTally Back Covers for Lamp Units. The Back Cover helps to eliminate brightness from the lamp units on the operator’s side.

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