ATEM Mini Extreme

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The ATEM Mini Extreme is a compact eight-channel live video switcher with unprecedented possibilities. The ATEM Mini Extreme has the features of the ATEM Mini Pro, but with more channels and more functions. The first copies have already been delivered!

Available on backorder: "ATEM Mini Extreme Stands" is available on backorder.

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ATEM Mini Extreme

atem mini extreme with atem mini extreme stands
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The ATEM Mini Extreme is a compact 8-channel live video switcher with unprecedented possibilities. The ATEM Mini Extreme has the features of the ATEM Mini Pro , but with more channels and more functions. In addition to switching between eight HDMI video channels and six stereo sound channels, it is possible to apply graphics such as logos and titles and special effects such as chroma key. In addition, this live video switcher has a 16-channel MultiView output.

2 HDMI ports

The second HDMI output makes it possible to have a multi-view monitor and a program out at the same time. So handy!

Stream and record

Something similar applies to the second USB port. You can now use one port as a USB webcam. The other to record on an external USB storage medium such as a Samsung T5.

The ATEM Software Control software (see below) unlocks many of the extra features that the ATEM Mini Extreme has. The ATEM Software Control is available for Mac OS and Windows.


Of course, the HDMI inputs can also be used to connect images from a laptop or game console. This way, a PowerPoint presentation or images from a game console can be mixed. The built-in DVEs (Digital Video Effects) make it possible, for example, to mix the image of the game with PiP (Picture in Picture) with the image of the presenter or gamer.

But the applications are unprecedented, such as:

  • Livestream interviews
  • Live Sports Events
  • Church services and funerals
  • Stream live Concerts
  • Business Presentations via Skype or Zoom
  • Training and education

For live streaming, the ATEM Mini Extreme has a USB output and behaves like a Webcam, just like the  Web Presenter . This way you can stream directly to any platform that supports a webcam, which is most of them. But streaming using a stream key and a network is also possible.

This makes the ATEM Mini Extreme compatible with almost all platforms. This includes YouTube, Facebook Live, Zoom and Skype, Wirecast, the free Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), XSplit and many others.

ATEM Software Control Panel

The ATEM Mini Extreme has considerably more functionality than can be achieved with the front panel. The ATEM Software Control Panel is an app for Windows or Mac OS. This makes all functions of the ATEM Mini Extreme available. The computer with the ATEM Software Control Panel can be connected via USB or Ethernet. The latter makes it possible for multiple users to access the live switcher simultaneously. For example, one controls the graphics of elections or a competition. The other corrects the cameras and the other shifts the audio. Graphics can be loaded directly from PhotoShop via a plug-in. Without having to first save it to the PC’s hard drive.


If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us or send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook .

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