Armorman 3.0 Gimbal Support System (ARM-T03)

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Armorman 3.0 Gimbal Support System

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Armorman 3.0 Gimbal Support System (ARM-T03)

The Armorman 3.0 Gimbal Support System is built to offer support and comfortability while handling your gimbal. This is done by transferring the weight of the gimbal from your arms towards your body’s core, making it easier to handle.

By using this, you can operate complicated gimbal systems for much longer periods of time without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

2 mechanical arms with shock-absorbing stabilized systems attach to either the back of the adjustable vest, or on top of the vest in high mode.

While the arms are engaged, 2 adjustable tension knobs on each arm let you adjust the tension based on the weight of your gimbal rig, as well as the operation style that you prefer.

The arms can be attached to any top bar gimbal system or gimbal ring system with the provided mounts or support cups. These can be attached by just by sliding the attachment right into the arms.

The Anchorman 3.0 Gimbal can become a single operator system when paired with a Nucleus M and Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters.

To disengage the arms, simply pull the release cords for each arm (in regular mode). Afterwards, rest the arms on the sides of the vest with the attached arm receivers.

Doing this allows you to keep the vest on between shots. When you’re ready for a new shot, simply re-engage the arms and re-attach the gimbal.

The Armorman 3.0 Gimbal Support System supports systems up to 50lb (22.67kg), and gimbals with a 25mm or 30mm diameter. This includes the Advanced and Basic Ring Grips.

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