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Davinci Resolve Gratis Online Training

Gratis online training Davinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Gratis Online Training

Samen met Blackmagic Design organiseren we een tweetal Davinci Resolve Gratis online Training. Een ‘Introduction To Editing Training With Davinci Resolve‘ en een ‘Advanced Editing With DaVinci Resolve Training’.

De trainingen worden gegeven op donderdag 23 juli. Bij beide trainingen is slechts plaats voor 40 cursisten. Dit in verband met het interactieve karakter van de trainingen. Dus schrijf je snel in want de plaatsen zijn beperkt.

Inschrijven kan hier:


ADVANCED klik hier

Inhoud trainingen:

Introduction Advanced
Import Media and Smart Bins.Importing Projects from third party applications.
Introduction to the Cut Page and Edit Page user interface.Automatic Smart Bins using Neural Engine face recognition, plus using Metadata, Keywords and Colour Tags for project management.
Building a Timeline by inserting, overwriting and appending media files.Timeline Custom Settings, Stacking, Comparison and Edit Index.
Deleting, trimming and adjusting video and audio files including use of Markers and the
Blade Edit Mode.
Advanced Editing and Trimming techniques.
Common Keyboard Short Cuts.Advanced Keyboard Short Cuts.
Adjusting and normalizing audio levels.Audio EQ and FX and Bus Assignment.
Stabilize and Reframe video clips.Copying and pasting clip attributes.
Changing clip speed.Creating simple animations on the Timeline.
Using Adjustment Layers.Using Resolve FX and Open FX plug ins.
Introduction to Primary and Secondary colour grading.Creating Fusion Motion Graphics and Composites.
Color grading moving subjects using 3D tracking tools.Project Delivery Settings.
Introduction Advanced



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