Cerevo (Consumer Electronics REVOlution) was founded with the aim to constantly provide innovative products and solutions to transform people’s lives.

Since its inception, Cerevo has added communication capabilities to devices that had not yet been connected to the Internet, and has created IoT products that innovate and provide new value.

Cerevo celebrated its 10th anniversary in May 2018 and had the opportunity to think again about how to realize new opportunities created by IoT products. Sometimes new devices that do not yet exist are necessary, services need to be created for those devices, and new devices may be needed with capabilities beyond already established services.

We aim to continue to develop IoT products that break new ground and produce hardware, software and services that achieve our stated goal of transforming people’s lives.


Cerevo FlexTally

450,00 {ex BTW}

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De Cerevo FlexTally bevat 1 basisstation + 4 tally lampen.
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Cerevo Liveshell 2

Cost effective live streaming device 720p H.264
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Cerevo LiveShell Pro

418,00 {ex BTW}
Standalone live streaming device 720p H.264
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Cerevo LiveShell X

650,00 {ex BTW}


Standalone live H.265 streaming direct vanaf de camera tot 1080/60p en 3 kanalen multicasting.
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Cerevo LiveWedge

929,00 750,00 {ex BTW}

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LiveWedge vierkanaals HDMI switcher
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