Blackmagic: Cloud Store Mini vs. Cloud Pod

Blackmagic: Cloud Store Mini vs. Cloud Pod

In media production, achieving seamless collaboration stands as an important objective. Navigating the challenges of large file sizes, geographically dispersed teams, and constrained budgets often transforms “crazy” projects into logistical nightmares. To manage these challenges, Blackmagic has a set of products to meet your film-making needs.

The Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini

Let’s introduce our storage superstar: the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini. A powerhouse storage device that acts like a supercharged USB stick accessible over the internet. It syncs with both Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing your film team to share and edit large video files instantly, even from different locations. A super-fast shared drive that is perfect for collaborative editing without waiting for downloads or dealing with local storage limitations. It’s ideal for large projects with multiple editors working together seamlessly.

To meet your close approaching deadlines, the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini features blazing fast 10G Ethernet for smooth and swift editing of large video files. Known for boosting collaboration efforts, it allows film teams that are located anywhere in the world to share and edit files instantly. Due to its compact rack-mount design, you can easily take it with you on any film-making adventure and use on location. In terms of adaptability, it features a 10G Ethernet, 1G Ethernet, and USB-C inputs for flexibility. Well-known for being a quiet operator, it features whisper-quiet fans that will not disrupt your editing workflow.

In short, it’s a high-performance shared storage solution for video editing teams that offers speed, collaboration, and portability.

The Blackmagic Cloud Pod

The Blackmagic Cloud Pod is our tiny file sharing assistant. It transforms any USB drive into a network storage, like a Dropbox for large video files. Multiple editors can access and work on the same project instantly, even remotely. Think of it as a magic portal that unlocks your USB drives for easy teamwork, without relying on cloud subscriptions or monthly fees. It’s perfect for smaller teams or individual creators who need occasional collaboration or file sharing. Sharing files without the need for Dropbox or Google Drive, has never been easier.

In a nutshell, the Blackmagic Cloud Pod is universal. It turns any USB drive into network storage, using existing drives you own. Well-know for its speed, the 10G Ethernet input ensures speedy access for multiple users, even with large files. Our tiny but mighty superstar is easily portable to any location required and is silent. The cloud pod offers a cost-effective alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive as it does not require any monthly fees. However, you will still be able to sync and share files with Dropbox or Google Drive for wider accessibility. Lastly, its multiple drives allow users to connect two USB drives simultaneously for increased flexibility.

It’s perfect for smaller teams or individual creators needing occasional collaboration or file sharing without cloud expenses.

Blackmagic Synergy: How the Cloud Store Mini and Cloud Pods Work Together

Imagine needing to share large media files, like footage from your Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K PRO, with collaborators worldwide. Forget about expensive shipping and slow cloud drives! By combining the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini and Cloud Pod, you unlock a powerful workflow.

Here’s an example of how the Blackmagic Store Mini 8TB and Cloud Pods work together across the world:

  1. Media Storage: Use the Blackmagic Cloud Pod to connect any USB-C disk, turning it into network storage. This is perfect for on-set filming or transferring files from other locations.
  2. Sync for global access: Set up the Cloud Store Mini in your central editing hub. Super-fast 10G Ethernet and internal NVMe drives will have you covered for unparalleled speed. Now, connect both devices to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. Collaborate instantly: Edit locally without waiting for downloads, even with large files.
  4. Geographical Flexibility: Need to share media to someone in Shanghai? or Dubai? Use another Cloud Store Mini in a remote location, both syncing to the same cloud storage. Now, editors globally get the same high-speed access, ideal for multicam editing or global teams.

This powerful duo eliminates the stress of geographical barriers and simplifies collaboration, letting your creative team focus on what matters – crafting stunning productions.

In summary:

The Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini is ideal for:

  • Large film teams working on large projects simultaneously, anywhere in the world.
  • High-speed access and editing without latency is a strong need.
  • Needing centralized storage for multiple editors.
  • Comfortable with cloud synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive.


  • the Cloud Store Mini 8TB is not raided.

Blackmagic Cloud Pod is ideal for:

  • Smaller teams or individual creators with occasional collaboration needs.
  • Sharing specific files or working on smaller projects.
  • Wanting an affordable file sharing solution with no monthly fees.
  • Already owning USB drives you want to leverage.
  • Requiring portability and quiet operation.


  • 5Gbps speed.
  • No hardware storage.

Still unsure of which option is right for you? Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you. Please drop by our store or reach out to us via our contact form or through our Instagram and Facebook.


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