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The high-precision grading panel for artists on the move

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The high-precision grading panel for artists on the move

Slate uses the same technological advances that we refined on the Blackboard 2 control surface, but in a size perfect for the demands of today’s multi-purpose postproduction facilities.

The Slate grading panels is ideally suited to working with Baselight Editions within your editing or compositing system, but it’s equally at home with the full Baselight colour grading system—it’s portable by design.

Adaptive Keys

All keys are soft-configured so that any operation can be assigned to any key, and have a dynamically displayed label or image that shows the exact context in every operation directly on the key.


Slate features twelve limitless optical encoders for rotary input. Each encoder has an integrated push switch for further operations.


Slate employs two display screens to give the colourist clear and instant feedback. They not only display the values for the current operation, but also show the flow of operations to assist in navigation with more complex tasks.

Context Controls

All controls vary in range, sensitivity and feedback depending on the operation. The function and labelling of keys, encoders and displays changes seamlessly with every operation. Slate only illuminates the active controls to speed up navigation.

Trackballs and rings

The trackballs feature a six-contact point mounting system, ensuring movement is easy in every direction, with bespoke third axis rings that float precisely under the lightest touch.

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