Visual FX


Socrates is the oldest supplier of 3D animation software in the Benelux. In 1992 Socrates was asked by Autodesk to start selling 3D animation program 3D Studio (on the DOS platform) in the Netherlands and to focus on the audiovisual market. The successful sales were rewarded in 1996 with the exclusive dealership of high-end compositing systems such as Flame, Flint and Smoke from subsidiary Discreet.

Today Socrates is a dealer of all leading 3D and Visual FX packages and systems such as van Autodesk, Adobe, Pixar, Foundry en Maxon. We also supply all possible plugins that complete these software packages and systems.

Hardware-wise, the packages are provided with fast 3D Workstation Lenovo or Apple, render farms, copying monitors and local and central storage.


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