Tilta Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System Available

walking with the tilta lightweight dual handle support system

Tilta introduces the Leight-weight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System (GSS-T04-DHB2). The support system consists of a waist vest, shoulder support and double handle. The system eases the use of gimbals such as the DJI RS2, RSC, RS3 and RS3 Pro.

Work longer with a gimbal by shifting the weight from the arms to the waist.

The vest of the Dual Handle Gimbal Support System supports the use of the gimbals through a battery grip. An adapter for the Ronin battery grip and the extended tripod arm is also available.

The Adapter fits on NATO rail headset which is adjustable in height. The adjustable height and the ball head offer optimal freedom of movement.

Attach the double handle brackets of the support system to the gimbal and the shoulder and support straps to the handles for optimal control and freedom of movement. Includes hands-free if needed.

The brackets of the handles contain many attachment points to attach accessories. The brackets themselves can be easily adjusted in multiple positions.

The maximum payload depends on the chosen gimbal. It is 4,5kg for the RS2 and RS3 Pro and 3Kg for the RSC and RS3.

More information and you can order directly here .


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