Tilta Hydra Arm Mini

hydraulic arm mini
Tilta Hydra-Arm Mini

The Hydra-Arm Mini is a car-mounted camera arm intended for smaller cameras and fits almost any car. The Hydra Mini Arm is used in conjunction with the DJI RS2, RS 3 Pro, Ronin 4D, Ronin MX, and the Freefly MOVI Pro Stabilizers.

This gives the Hydra Arm Mini three levels of stabilization: the stabilization in the base of the Hydra Arm Mini (without counterweights), a shock absorbing arm at the end of the arm and the DJI gimbal itself.

The arm can reach heights of 3 to 3,5 meters depending on the car. The arm can rotate horizontally 360° with a maximum speed of 60° per second. Vertically, 80° is the maximum and speed is maximum of 45° per second.

Not much more information is available at the moment. The Bill of Materials (BOM) and the price are not yet known exactly. A price of around 12.000 euros excluding VAT is expected.

Stay tuned for more information.


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