internship social media content creatorINTERNSHIP: SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATOR

To improve our online visibility, we are looking for a creative intern Social Media Content Marketer who works in a small team to create photo and video content, online campaigns, newsletters, vlogs, etc.

Socrates Digital Video BV provides solutions for production, post-production and animation and visual FX. This is largely done via our webshop.

Do you want to be behind the camera (and maybe in front of it too), create photos and videos, participate in an online campaign and work with the latest techniques? Then this might be your ideal internship.

Because we sell AV products for production, post and VFX for the TV and film industry, you enter a mecca of products to make your internship an unforgivable success.

There is a lot of room for initiative and creativity.

Call or e-mail Pim for more information.
020 - 663 4066




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