Jupio NP-F550 (NP-F570) 2350 mAh Battery

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The Jupio NP-F550 is a very good battery for camera accessories that use this form factor. Think of the different Tilta Side handles and various monitors and wireless transmitters.

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Jupio NP-F550 (NP-F570) 2350 mAh battery

The Jupio NP-F550 is a top quality battery! Suitable for cameras and camera accessories. Such as the Tilta Side handles, monitors, wireless video transmitters and lighting.

Use the Tilta F970 battery base plate (TA-BSP-F970) or the Tilta (TA-BTP-F970) for applying the battery for additional accessories.

The Jupio NP-F550 has a capacity of 2300mAh or almost 17Wh.

Don't forget the handy Jupio double charger 😉

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