About us

Socrates provides solutions for film and video production, post production, animation and Visual FX. The products, from leading brands and services, vary from a simple video converter, lens or workstation to the delivery of a turnkey editing suite, mobile live production studio or a central 1PB storage solution. Of course we train in use and provide support and maintenance.

Differences between cinema and television are shrinking, the boundary between production and post-production is shifting and the difference between fake and reality is hardly discernible anymore. It is therefore important for film and video professionals to have a partner who continuously monitors development, provides the right advice and provides matching products and services. Socrates is that partner. From registration to the screen.

Socrates has a software development team for custom audiovisual applications and has developed a range of audiovisual applications for the entertainment industry such as automatic photo systems for amusement parks, an on ride roller coaster video system and special FX chroma key solution. Please contact us if you have any questions about custom solutions.

Bricks and Clicks

socrates.nl is also the most extensive online store for the film and television industry. We have many of the products that we offer online available as demo models. It is therefore advisable to make an appointment with us for more complex products, such as a camera or a live switcher, and to view and test them first. We can advise and assist if necessary.

Since the start of Tilta, Socrates has been an importer of Tilta Products and a Tilta distributor for the Benelux.


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