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Maxon 3D software

Founded in 1972, Maxon is one of the leading providers of 3D animation software. Applications include 3D animation, special effects and visualization. A complete animation process consists of verbally, the 3D models of textures (material properties), providing, animating and rendering. Or part of these processes.

3D animation software is used to create 3D graphics, moving logos, special effects (VFX), visualizations such as interior and exterior “artist impressions” as well as complete stand-alone animation films.

Broadly speaking, Maxon has five product groups:

  • Maxon One includes all Maxon packages such as Cinema 4D, Red Giant, Universe, Redshift and, ZBrush
  • Cinema 4D software for 3D modeling, animating, painting and rendering
  • Zbrush for modeling modelling
  • Red Giant, a comprehensive toolset for multiple media products (including Avid Media Composer)
  • Redshift, one of the most photorealistic renderers on the market.

3D render of a Maxon sceneAnd of course there are bundles of products. A number of the products are in a transition from perpetual to SaaS licenses. That means buying the software, purchasing regular updates, is being phased out in favor of SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that you pay a periodic fee, a subscription that covers the costs of use, maintenance (new versions and support). The advantage of SaaS for customers is that it is easy to scale up processes in the case of large orders and to scale back when the size is (temporarily) no longer necessary. This ultimately saves money.

Some of the products can be ordered on our website. Some others don't. For these products, advice is necessary and additional information is necessary. We therefore request that you contact us.


You can order the following products online:

Product SKU Socrates price ex Link
Maxon One 1 Year 004907 € 1.099,00 Maxone One
Cinema 4D + Redshift 1 Year 004908 € 822,00 C4D+RS
Cinema 4D 1 Year 004909 € 599,00 C4D
Red Giant 1 Year 004910 € 560,00 Save Giant
Universe 1 Year 004911 € 185,00 Universe
Redshift 1 Year 004912 € 223,00 RedShift
ZBrush 1 Year 004913 € 319,00 ZBrush
ZBrush 2023 perpetual 004914 € 789,00 ZBrush
ZBrush 2023 – upgrade from 2022 004915 € 579,00 ZBrush
ZBrush 2023 – upgrade from Core 004916 € 699,00 ZBrush

The products you should contact are:

All teams/floating licenses:

The Maxon Floating Teams Annual Subscription License gets you access to a package containing the leading 3D software applications all in one. This helps you save on Cinema 4D, Redshift and ZBrush. Additionally you can enjoy all the creative tools Red Giant has to offer.

  • Designed for a team of artists
  • Centrally Managed Licensing
  • Includes Teams account dashboard
  • Team Support
  • Additionally, it includes Team Support and Team Training
  • Floating License – Deploy to a group of users
  • Includes 5 Team render nodes and 2 Command Line nodes for any license that includes Cinema 4D
  • Floating License accounts for a minimum of 5 people, a Teams License accounts a minimum of 3

Conversion licenses (from Cinema 4D to Maxon One bv)

If you have a current license and want to upgrade, contact us or give us a call at: +31 (0)20 663 4066.

Side upgrades

If you have an existing license and wish to add an additional Software (From Cinema 4D to Redfish), contact us or give us a call at: +31 (0)20 663 4066.

The mentioned perpetual licenses. Except Zbrush.

Maxon License Tier Features Available for:
    • License for one Named User
    • Not eligible for conversions to Teams Account Dashboard (formerly ORG account)
    • Standard Support
    • Maxone One
    • Cinema 4D
    • Cinema 4D + Redshift
    • Redshift
    • Save Giant
    • Universe
    • Designed for Teams of artists
    • Centrally managed licenses
    • Teams Account Dashboard (formerly ORG account)
    • Team Support
    • Team Training needed
    • Named User model
    • Maxone One
    • Cinema 4D + Redshift
    • Cinema 4D + Red Giant
    • Cinema 4D
    • Redshift
    • Save Giant
Team Floating
    • Designed for Teams or Artists
    • Centrally managed licenses
    • Teams Account Dashboard (formerly ORG account)
    • Team Support
    • Team Training
    • Floating licenses can be deployed to a group of users
    • Maxone One
    • Cinema 4D + Redshift
    • Cinema 4D + Red Giant
    • Cinema 4D
    • Redshift
    • Save Giant
    • Still Available for Some Products
    • Named user license
    • Cinema 4D R25
    • Magic Bullet Suite 14
    • Trap Code Suite 16
    • VFX Suite 1.5
    • Pluraleyes 4

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact us, or drop us a DM on Instagram of Facebook.



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