Introducing the Camera Rig for the Sony A7sIII

tilta cage for Sony A7s III camera

The highly anticipated, flagship mirrorless video / photo camera from Sony, the A7sIII, is finally here. Specially created for video content creators who demand excellent low-light performance, numerous shooting options and long recording times, the new A7sIII builds on the A7sII legacy to deliver a camera that has all the good features of a camera of this level.

Inspired by the usefulness and ingenuity of the design of this camera, Tilta set to work to apply new elements that take the camera even further to the next level. As part of the Tiltaing product range, Tilta has put together a versatile, yet lightweight camera cage that is just the beginning of building a camera rig for professional video applications.

The new cage is designed to extend and protect the a7sIII, as well as to add accessories such as the new rotating top handle, rotating side handles, ARRI standard rosettes and much more.

The Cage starts at only € 45 * for the half cage and € 110, - * for the Full Cage available in Tilta Gray, Tactical Gray and Black (the last 2 colors only on order). More information about product details and availability soon. (* prices not yet final)

Keep scrolling for more information. A7-S3001_02A7-S3001_03A7-S3001_04 A7-S3001_07A7-S3001_08A7-S3001_10A7-S3001_11A7-S3001_13A7-S3001_12A7-S3001_14A7-S3001_15A7-S3001_16A7-S3001_17A7-S3001_18A7-S3001_20A7-S3001_19A7-S3001_21A7-S3001_22A7-S3001_23A7-S3001_24

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