Blackmagic: Cloud Store Mini vs. Cloud Pod

Blackmagic: Cloud Store Mini vs. Cloud Pod

In media production, achieving seamless collaboration stands as an important objective. Navigating the challenges of large file sizes, geographically dispersed teams, and constrained budgets often transforms “crazy” projects into logistical nightmares. To manage these challenges, Blackmagic has a set of products to meet your film-making needs.

The Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini

Let's introduce our storage superstar: the Black Magic Cloud Store Mini. A powerhouse storage device that acts like a supercharged USB stick accessible over the internet. It syncs with both Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing your film team to share and edit large video files instantly, even from different locations. A super-fast shared drive that is perfect for collaborative editing without waiting for downloads or dealing with local storage limitations. It's ideal for large projects with multiple editors working together seamlessly.

To meet your close approaching deadlines, the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini features blazing fast 10G Ethernet for smooth and swift editing of large video files. Known for boosting collaboration efforts, it allows film teams that are located anywhere in the world to share and edit files instantly. Due to its compact rack-mount design, you can easily take it with you on any film-making adventure and use on location. In terms of adaptability, it features a 10G Ethernet, 1G Ethernet, and USB-C inputs for flexibility. Well-known for being a quiet operator, it features whisper-quiet fans that will not disrupt your editing workflow.

In short, it's a high-performance shared storage solution for video editing teams that offers speed, collaboration, and portability.

The Blackmagic Cloud Pod

The Blackmagic Cloud Pod is our tiny file sharing assistant. It transforms any USB drive into a network storage, like a Dropbox for large video files. Multiple editors can access and work on the same project instantly, even remotely. Think of it as a magic portal that unlocks your USB drives for easy teamwork, without relying on cloud subscriptions or monthly fees. It's perfect for smaller teams or individual creators who need occasional collaboration or file sharing. Sharing files without the need for Dropbox or Google Drive, has never been easier.

In a nutshell, the Blackmagic Cloud Pod is universal. It turns any USB drive into network storage, using existing drives you own. Well-know for its speed, the 10G Ethernet input ensures speedy access for multiple users, even with large files. Our tiny but mighty superstar is easily portable to any location required and is silent. The cloud pod offers a cost-effective alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive as it does not require any monthly fees. However, you will still be able to sync and share files with Dropbox or Google Drive for wider accessibility. Finally, its multiple drives allow users to connect two USB drives simultaneously for increased flexibility.

It's perfect for smaller teams or individual creators needing occasional collaboration or file sharing without cloud expenses.

Blackmagic Synergy: How the Cloud Store Mini and Cloud Pods Work Together

Imagine needing to share large media files, like footage from your Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K PRO, with collaborators worldwide. Forget about expensive shipping and slow cloud drives! By combining the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini and Cloud Pod, you unlock a powerful workflow.

Here's an example of how the Blackmagic Store Mini 8TB and Cloud Pods work together across the world:

  1. Media Storage: Use the Blackmagic Cloud Pod to connect any USB-C disk, turning it into network storage. This is perfect for on-set filming or transferring files from other locations.
  2. Sync for global access: Set up the Cloud Store Mini in your central editing hub. Super-fast 10G Ethernet and internal NVMe drives will have you covered for unparallel speed. Now, connect both devices to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. Collaborate instantly: Edit locally without waiting for downloads, even with large files.
  4. Geographical Flexibility: Need to share media to someone in Shanghai? or Dubai? Use another Cloud Store Mini in a remote location, both syncing to the same cloud storage. Now, editors globally get the same high-speed access, ideal for multicam editing or global teams.

This powerful duo eliminates the stress of geographical barriers and simplifies collaboration, letting your creative team focus on what matters – crafting stunning productions.


The Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini is ideal for:

  • Large film teams working on large projects simultaneously, anywhere in the world.
  • High-speed access and editing without latency is a strong need.
  • Needing centralized storage for multiple editors.
  • Comfortable with cloud synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive.


  • the Cloud Store Mini 8TB is not raided.

Black Magic Cloud Pod is ideal for:

  • Smaller teams or individual creators with occasional collaboration needs.
  • Sharing specific files or working on smaller projects.
  • Wanting an affordable file sharing solution with no monthly fees.
  • Already owning USB drives you want to leverage.
  • Requiring portability and quiet operation.


  • 5Gbps speed.
  • No hardware storage.

Still unsure of which option is right for you? Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you. Please drop by our store or reach out to us via our contact form or through us Instagram and Facebook.

H4000 Essential – Quantum

Quantum H4000 Essential Program

Quantum has it H4000 Essential Program released. A new version that forms an all-in-one content management solution that offers everything a creative team could need.

Specifically, the H4000 is an easy-to-use and quick-to-configure system for collaboration between different creative teams with shared storage, automatic indexing and content indexing. The latter speeds up the retrieval of video or film footage.

The H4000 Essential offers shared storage (workflow collaboration) for an entire team as it is powered by StorNext and is a way to securely track and deliver projects through CatDV integration.

In detail, StorNext is a shared storage software platform. It is ideal for large video files, digital images and other forms of unstructured data. Therefore it is one fast file system that can span multiple storage types in a single namespace with integrated data lifecycle management. This enables a faster workflow as it manages the entire data lifecycle.

While CatDV is an agile asset management and workflow orchestration platform. It offers strong asset management, automation and collaboration features for any company that manages a lot of digital media.

The best part is that H4000 is also available for an exclusive and affordable price, ready to use right out of the box and expandable to meet the needs of your team.

In fact, we offer you the opportunity to buy the 3-year subscription at an appreciable discount until the end of March, so please contact us or call us for more details: +31 (0)20 663 4066.

H4000 essential quantum

Collaboration and Instant Indexing

As announced, with H4000 Essential enables you to organise your team's content and projects.

This is done automatically via CatDV which automatically generates proxies, catalogues, film strips and thumbnails and extracts file metadata. So that, all content is browsable and searchable within an index that your whole team can use and see immediately. Regardless of where they are located.

Whenever your content has been indexed, you can get started by annotating, marking, and categorising your images. You can also add specific keywords and tags, organise your footage into collections or meta-clips. But also interacting with other team members, and even checking and approving their work.

The asset management CatDV allows you to add a new team member. In this way, he/she can set up the shared storage from Mac, Windows or Linux customers.

In addition, the user can upload content that others can use immediately. Hence, to allow others to see the new indexed materials, they have to log into CatDV. Or access the CatDV panel within Adobe Premiere Pro, using the same credentials.

The models have a base storage capacity of 48TB, 96TB of 192TB. However, customers can have up to three additional expansion systems to increase both performance and capacity. This allows them to process more concurrent editors and more streams.

Finally, users can also connect to 10 GbE or higher to edit projects at up to 4K resolution on the system.

Need more information? Feel free to contact us at Instagram of Facebook.

DJI RS3 Mini

DJI has the first RS 3 DJI Mini version within it RS series released.

Why is it relevant?

Because the DJI Mini RS 3 is a portable travel stabilizer that is smaller and lighter, it is specifically designed for use with hybrid mirrorless cameras.

That's why it's a strong entry-level solution for users using lightweight camera and lens combinations.

The new DJI RS3 Mini

DJI RS 3 MINI – technical characteristics

Weight and payload

The DJI Mini weighs less than 800 grams and has a load capacity of up to 2 kg. This makes it 50% lighter than the RS 3 Pro and 40% lighter than the RS 3.

DJI RS 3 Mini vs DJI RS 3 Pro

These features make the new DJI RS 3 Mini the perfect choice for traveling, keeping in a bag, or a great backup gimbal if your bigger RS ​​3 is having problems.

DJI RS 3 Mini is easy to put in a bag or to use for traveling

As mentioned earlier, it has a load capacity of up to 2kg. This allows it to support cameras such as the Sony A7S3 + 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens, Canon EOS R5 + RF 24-70mm F2.8 lens, or Fuji X-H2S + XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 lens.

Click here for a more complete compatibility list.


The DJI Mini has the same third-generation stabilization algorithm as the RS 3 Pro. This allows you to maintain stability and a professional level of image stabilization even when walking, shooting in flash mode, or shooting at a low angle.


He has a 1,4 inch color touch screen and an M-mode button that lets you switch between the DJI Mini's three custom settings. PF (Pan Follow), PTF (Pan and Tilt Follow) and FPV modes.

Furthermore, the DJI RS3 Mini can also be controlled via the Ronin app.

DJI Mini and M-mode button

The DJI RS 3 Mini, like the rest of the RS 3 series, can be rotated to change focus, ISO, aperture, shutter and other settings.

Wireless Bluetooth function

You can connect the DJI Mini to a variety of today's popular mirrorless cameras using the wireless Bluetooth shutter control.

After the initial connection, the RS3 Mini can automatically reconnect to the camera via this Bluetooth function.

Then users can instantly control the camera by pressing the capture button on the gimbal.

Battery Power

The integrated battery has a runtime of up to 10 hours. So enough power to record all day long. You only need 2,5 hours to charge it, during which you can still use the camera.

Vertical video and shortcut

Need to record your video vertically?

The RS 3 Mini has a newly designed double-layered quick-release plate for this purpose.

With the quick-release plate attached to the vertical arm, you can film vertically without using extra equipment. The rotation angle of the gimbal is also unlimited.

DJI RS 3 Mini and quick release plate

Other features

Among other features of this gimbal there are:

  • Timelapse: Include a time-lapse in videos for intriguing beginnings or stunning endings.
  • Track recording: To create a dynamic video of any scene or environment, set the gimbal to move through up to 10 predefined positions.
  • Panorama: By taking a panoramic photo of the entire area in front of you, you can increase the camera's field of view.

DJI RS 3 Pro is now available in our webshop. If you need more information, feel free to contact us at our Instagram, Facebook or call +31 (0)20 663 4066.

DaVinci Resolve offers the first multi-user collaboration

Collaborate with Davinci Resolve Studio

Blackmagic Designs DaVinci Resolve is the first complete software suite for video editing, color correction, audio post-production, and visual FX that enable a multi-user collaborative workflow. 

The conventional post-production process, characterized by a linear workflow where each professional hands over his finished work to the next, has become obsolete.

Why? It makes it difficult to check every step and also causes errors.

DaVinci Resolve is the first video editing software that allows multi-user collaboration

Collaborative workflow features

So, what does this mean?

It means you need a database to keep track of everything:

  • The DaVinci Resolve Project Server;
  • Fast and reliable shared storage for your high-resolution media.

Subsequently, with the introduction of the DaVinci Resolve 18.1 Project Server, multiple users can on open and edit the same project on several workstations simultaneously.

Exactly what the post-production industry needs, as people today work remotely more than ever and collaborate with many different professionals. Why? To deliver their projects faster and to bring them to a higher quality level.

Collaborative workflow and Blackmagic Design Cloud

How can you actually use this collaborative workflow?
You just need one for free Blackmagic Design Cloud ID to access a DaVinci Resolve Project Server in the Cloud.

You may be invited by someone else to collaborate. Or, if you have a project that requires remote collaborators, you can set up your own project library for a monthly fee and collaborate with up to 10 Blackmagic Cloud users.

Therefore, the collaborative workflow, thanks to Black Magic Design Cloud, ensures that users can:

  • See when and what changes are made;
  • Deciding whether to accept them;
  • Take advantage of the timeline comparison tool, because it allows people to continue editing by merging changes into a master timeline.

Dropbox and GoogleDrive

In addition, this new collaborative Cloud workflow, promoted by Blackmagic Design, offers the ability to share media through the synchronization option with Dropbox of Google Drive. Thus, everyone can work faster and have a copy of the file, where all changes made by others can be viewed.

The synchronization is continuous and thereby allowa each collaborator to work in real-time, without losing anything.

We can also help you find and activate your Dropbox subscription. In this way you get the most out of your collaborative workflow.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

Blackmagic Design in its collaborative workflow interface also provides the syncronization with Dropobox or Google Drive.

Blackmagic Design provides its collaborative workflow interface as well as synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive.

The file can be saved to the storage of your choice. So you can decide to use your local storage or, if that's not enough, Blackmagic design developed the new Blackmagic Cloud Stores.

The Cload Stores are offered in different variants including Black Magic Cloud Store, Black Magic Cloud Store Mini of Black Magic Cloud Pod. They are very fast NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions with different capacities and can handle up to very large media files.

At Socrates AV we have the Black Magic Cloud Store Mini 8TB and Black Magic Cloud Pod available, so let's check out their pages for more information!

Collaborative workflow and Blackmagic Design Proxy generator

Are you struggling with the large size of your files because you want to keep a high resolution? Black Magic Proxy Generator was born for this. This makes it possible to create free proxy versions of the original high-resolution camera images with DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Audio and image files are stored in the proxy folder. They are then automatically linked to the original media by Davinci Resolve Studio. In addition, you can also save the proxies locally to use them offline and share them via Dropbox.

So, while the original clips are copied to the Black Magic Cloud Store, the Blackmagic Proxy Generator creates a proxy version. So that, all users can access the timeline, using their Blackmagic Design ID, edit it and provide feedback via the chat. Another valuable tool that is part of the collaborative workflow.

Bin and timeline locking

Multiple users can work at the same time without overwriting each other's work thanks to the timeline locking and bin creation function. In fact, timelines and bins are "read only" until the current user releases them.

New features and functions are already in the works by Blackmagic Design. Like the presentation option, to make the collaborative workflow as productive as possible.

So follow us on Instagram, Facebook en LinkedIn to stay update!

DaVinci Resolve for iPad (Update 23/12/22)

Many filmmakers use DaVinci Resolve as their Video Editing platform on their computer, but Blackmagic Design has announced that a DaVinci Resolve for iPad version will be available soon

New version of DaVinci Resolve 18 for iPad which allow to work from anywhere in the world

Socrates AV is a leading authorized reseller of DaVinci Resolve Studio, so check out our Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve page , the Cloud storage and the recently released 18.1 version for more information

DaVinci Resolve for iPad features

The new DaVinci Resolve for iPad is made to provide 4x faster ULTRA HD ProRes rendering performance on the new iPad Pro with the M2 chip.

Don't have the latest model? No problem, HDR is also supported for those using a 12,9-inch iPad Pro with M1 chip.

In addition, it is possible to transmit the output of the feed grading monitor to another Apple monitor, such as Apple Studio Display, Pro Display XDR or an AirPlay-compatible display.

The features of this new version of DaVinci Resolve 18 for iPad are optimized for MultiTouch technology and the Apple Pencil. In addition, they give users access to DaVinci's image technology, color finishing tools, and up-to-date HDR workflows.

The projects designed with the iPad are standard DaVinci Resolve project files, so they can be opened on the Desktop version of DaVinci Resolve 18.

This new version for iPad allows filmmakers to import clips directly from:

  • iPad internal storage
  • iPad photo library
  • iCloud connected externally
  • USB-C media drives

Moreover, the supported file formats are H.264, H.265, Apple ProRes and Blackmagic RAW.

Like Grant Pretty, the CEO of Blackmagic Design, stated, this new iPad version will put the power of Hollywood post-production tools for editing and color correction right in the hands of users. It's only a matter of time before we can distribute our professional video editing workflows on our iPads.

New version of DaVinci Resolve 18 for iPad which allow to work from anywhere in the world

Availability and price

By the end of the year, this new version will be available for free download in Apple's App Store. So filmmakers can choose between the free version or an upgrade to DaVinci Resolve Studio for iPad via an in-app purchase.

Once purchased you have lifetime access.

However, if you have previously upgraded to the DaVinci Resolve Studio version on your Mac or PC, it is not yet certain whether you need to make an additional purchase.

Which iPad will support DaVinci Resolve?
The press release on Blackmagic Design's website confirms that a powerful device will definitely be needed to support this software. Therefore, the app will be compatible with devices running iPadOs 16 or later.


In summary, below are the main features of DaVinci Resolve for iPad:

  • The edit page for editing and the color pages are optimized for the 12,9-inch iPad Pro screen.
  • Up to 4x Ultra HD ProRes rendering performance improvement with the M2 chip.
  • Supports Apple Neural Engine features in DaVinci Resolve Studio for iPad.
  • Compatible with DaVinci Resolve 18 project files.
  • Supports multi-user collaboration via Blackmagic Cloud.
  • Supports H.264, H.265, ProRes and Blackmagic RAW media files.
  • Support clips from iPad storage, photo library and iCloud.
  • Supports importing clips from external USB-C drives.
  • Works with Apple Pencil, Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio.
  • Remote control via Apple Studio Display, Pro Display XDR or an AirPlay display.
  • Supports HDR display on 12,9-inch iPad Pro with the M1 chip.
  • Compatible with iPadOS 16 or newer.

Feel free to contact us for more information. You can find us at Instagram, LinkedIn en Facebook, but also by e-mail or telephone!


Today, 23.12.2022, the DaVinci Resolve for iPad for is available in the Apple Storeas in your devices. Download and enjoy! Any questions? Give us a call.

Tilta Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System Available

Tilta Lightweight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System

Tilta introduces the Leight-weight Dual Handle Gimbal Support System (GSS-T04-DHB2). The support system consists of a waist vest, shoulder support and double handle. The system eases the use of gimbals such as the DJI RS2, RSC, RS3 and RS3 Pro.

Work longer with a gimbal by shifting the weight from the arms to the waist.

The vest of the Dual Handle Gimbal Support System supports the use of the gimbals through a battery grip. An adapter for the Ronin battery grip and the extended tripod arm is also available.

The Adapter fits on NATO rail headset which is adjustable in height. The adjustable height and the ball head offer optimal freedom of movement.

Attach the double handle brackets of the support system to the gimbal and the shoulder and support straps to the handles for optimal control and freedom of movement. Includes hands-free if needed.

The brackets of the handles contain many attachment points to attach accessories. The brackets themselves can be easily adjusted in multiple positions.

The maximum payload depends on the chosen gimbal. It is 4,5kg for the RS2 and RS3 Pro and 3Kg for the RSC and RS3.

Have any questions? Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you. Please drop by our store or reach out to us via our contact form or through us Instagram and Facebook.


Blackmagic Design ATEM SDIA

Blackmagic Design has introduced three new ATEM SDI switchers. They are almost identical to a number of ATEM Mini models but equipped with SDI inputs and outputs instead of HDMI.

The models are:


De ATEM SDIA is quick to set up and easy to use.

It includes 4 SDI inputs with “conversion”, USB webcam, 2 SDI outputs, Fairlight audio mixer with EQ and dynamics, DVE for picture in picture,

“transition effects”, “green screen chroma key”, 20 stills in the media pool for titles.

The ATEM software is of course free


De ATEM SDI Pro ISO the features of ATEM SDI plus it adds built-in streaming and records 5 video streams in real time!

A clean feed from the switcher for multicam editing in DaVinci Resolve can be recorded on an external SSD.

The DaVinci project allows you to access the live production to edit audio, remix and add color correction.


De ATEM SDI Extreme ISO includes all the features of the ATEM SDI Pro ISO model, but has 8 SDI inputs and 4 SDI outputs.

Tilta Hydra Arm Mini

Tilta Hydra-Arm Mini

The Hydra-Arm Mini is a car-mounted camera arm intended for smaller cameras and fits almost any car. The Hydra Mini Arm is used in conjunction with the DJI RS2, RS 3 Pro, Ronin 4D, Ronin MX, and the Freefly MOVI Pro Stabilizers.

This gives the Hydra Arm Mini three levels of stabilization: the stabilization in the base of the Hydra Arm Mini (without counterweights), a shock absorbing arm at the end of the arm and the DJI gimbal itself.

The arm can reach heights of 3 to 3,5 meters depending on the car. The arm can rotate horizontally 360° with a maximum speed of 60° per second. Vertically, 80° is the maximum and speed is maximum of 45° per second.

Not much more information is available at the moment. The Bill of Materials (BOM) and the price are not yet known exactly. A price of around 12.000 euros excluding VAT is expected.

Stay tuned for more information.

3 versions Tilta Float

There are 3 versions of the Tilta Float

The original Tilt Float Handheld Gimbal Support System V Mount (GSS-T01-V) with the Pole


Tilt Float Handheld Support System (GSS-T02) Before use without DJI RS 2 with the  Manfrotto Quick Release Plate Adapter for a Handheld look, but without back pain.


Tilt Float dualhandle Support System (GSS-T03) including the Tilta TGA-DHB Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket + Manfrotto Quick Release Plate Adapter en Remote Control Handle (TGA-ARG-RCH)


All versions have the vest and arm and come in a Float case.

Do you want to know what the other differences are? Feel free to call us 020 6634066

Or come and try them out in the Socrates Tilta Experience Center in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht. (The coffee is ready)


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